This year’s Science Week theme was ‘Our Diverse Planet’. To fit in with this theme, all of our classes took part in a variety of different activities. Reception looked at Handa’s Surprise and used their senses to identify different fruits which are grown in different places around the world. Years 2 and 3 looked at how different plants grow and planted seeds. They grew some of their own cress, sunflowers and pumpkins! Years 1, 4 and 5 all looked at how much weight boats can hold, to fit in with cargo ships which are built to transport goods around the world. Children built their own boats and investigated the weight which could be added to them, using unifix cubes, before they sunk. Years 2, 4 and 6 looked at what kind of taster they are by using blue food colouring on their tongues to make the fungiform papillae stand out (these are the big pink bumps on your tongue which contain your taste buds.) We then counted them to find out if we were supertasters, tasters or non-tasters! Year 6 also designed posters to enter the Science Week poster competition!