An author with more than 140 children’s books to his name helped children celebrate the opening of their new school library.

Whitehaven’s Hensingham Primary has been busy revamping and decorating the library, where the shelves are now filled with a new stock of books for all year groups.

Helping mark the opening of the new resource was children’s writer Damian Harvey, author of the popular Robo-Runners and Global Heroes series.

Damian cut the ribbon on the library before spending the day in classes with children, helping to promote their love of reading and offering advice on improving their own writing.

Headteacher Faye Eldon said it had been a pleasure to see the children get so much enjoyment from the library.

She said: “The enthusiasm the children have shown for choosing a book to read for learning or pleasure is wonderful. We’re pleased we’ve been able to create a really welcoming area for them to enjoy.”

Surveys at the Cumbria Education Trust school had revealed expansion of the range of books on offer in the library was a priority for both pupils and parents.

Among the first to visit was 10-year-old Olivia who said: “I love it, it’s just so different from the old library.”

As well as picking up their favourite Harry Potter books, Roald Dahl and David Walliams novels, the children also enjoyed the fun work of their VIP guest.

Damian said: “Reading is so important. It helps children’s vocabulary and communication develop – and it’s an enjoyable activity. We’ve had a really good day and I’ve been telling the children what kind of books I enjoyed when I was their age.”

Lucas, also 10, said: “We asked what had inspired him to be a writer and he said his mum read to him and then he showed us some of the sketches for his books.”