Beech letter Autumn term 1

Beech Letter – Autumn 2


Year 4 Overview 23.24


Miss Hurley is class teacher for Beech Class.


Week 1 and 2

We have had an incredible start to the year in Year 4! Our behaviour has been impeccable; we have earned so many Dojo points, even some whole class ones! We have been flying through our maths work as we are so incredibly strong at place value. We have even been extra grown up and been using our laptops to access maths lessons – it makes us feel like business people.

In writing this week, we have been writing limericks. With lots of laughing, we have been exploring rhyme and humour in limericks. We even worked out that some of our names rhyme! In science, we have started our topic on sound and have learned all about Alexander Graham Bell, an influential scientist. We can’t wait for next week when we will be completing some scientific investigations.

Week 3

What an incredible week we have had in Year 4 this week! We have been SO busy! We have been working extremely hard to improve our writing so that we are all writing neatly and have started looking at joins this week. We love our handwriting sessions and always focus so well on our writing.

We have carried on our work looking at our 3 X Tables- parents, take a look at our class story where you will find a video of us singing along to our favourite video! In reading, we thoroughly enjoyed a couple of sessions being detectives and working out the owners of some missing shoes- our characters had lost their shoes believe it or not. A highlight for some of the children was Stig’s hairy feet- they thought it was hilarious!

We ended the week on a high with some science experiments on Friday as well as our first time on the Spelling HIVE. We explored what happened to grains of sugar when it was near a speaker. We then blew up some balloons and explored the difference in sound when we spoke to our partner from the other side of the balloon.

We are looking forward to continuing our work on TTRockstars next week.

Other year groups, watch out for a battle request!

The last few weeks…

Year 4 have had a whale of a time over the last couple of weeks. The highlight definitely would be all of our science experiments that we have been doing on a Friday morning- who knew science could be so fun? We have continued our learning about sound, last week we even explored lots of different materials with regards to which would be the best to use as ear defenders. In maths, we have aced the first topic of place value, most of us even cracked rounding! We can’t wait to finish or piece of writing we are currently working on. We are writing a story about ourselves set at school. But, with a twist – we all have a super power!


Useful Links

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