Welcome to Year 3. Our staff members are Miss Johnsen and Mrs Musgrave. In Year 3, we are working on becoming more resilient and independent learners, taking responsibility for enjoying our learning.

In Year 3 this term our history topic has been ‘The Stone Age to the Iron Age’. We have discovered the different eras, made our own stone age paints to make cave art, and done lots of research to write our own non-chronological reports. In Geography, we have been learning all about Mountains. We have learnt all about the different aspects of topography, human and physical features and will be putting our learning into practice this half term with a fieldwork trip to Buttermere. We have also been doing lots of work around our own health and wellbeing, including healthy eating. This has tied in nicely with our preparation for the UDANCE festival, where we will be performing a tale of conflict. Our UDANCE performance will be taking place this half term and we cannot wait!

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https://www.history.com/topics/pre-history/stone-age#section_8 https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/earth/mountains/what-is-mountain/

Year 3 News


Our Year 3 children took part in the UDance Festival this week. Their performance, War and Conflict, was amazing and we are extremely prod of them all.  They have demonstrated excellent team work and commitment over the past few months. Go team Hensingham!!    

Halloween Disco

Thank you to everyone who came to our Halloween disco!

Year 3 Letters


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