Hensingham Primary School Curriculum

All pupils come to our school to be happy and successful.

  • This has inspired the design of our curriculum so that all children can achieve.
  • Pupils explore the skills and acquire knowledge to allow them to reason critically, making informed decisions and choices through a curriculum that promotes creativity and curiosity.
  • Our values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and the curriculum development set high expectations for every child and empower them to be successful in their own lives and to contribute positively to the local, national and international community.

We provide a 3-11 curriculum, in single and mixed age classes, which is broad and balanced through a skills based and knowledge rich programme of study. The curriculum design is based on the National Curriculum expectations, using a range of other resources to support the progression of skills including but not limited to White Rose Maths for Maths, Charanga for Music, Discovery RE and Developing Experts for Science. We use knowledge organisers in most foundation subjects ensuring that children are retaining knowledge taught and have a reference to revisit.

Assessment in KS1 and 2 is completed through feedback sessions at the beginning of each lesson (also allowing children to revisit prior learning) and summative assessments that are completed in line with our Trust Assessment Calendar. Results from these feed into intervention programmes ensuring that gaps in learning are filled. The school’s progression document also ensures that gaps in prior learning are completed before moving on.

Reading forms the basis of our curriculum from early reading and phonics to topics and genres being based on a common text for the class to reference to. Children not only read ability appropriate books but all children are exposed to age appropriate texts through Whole Class Reading.

You can read our curriculum documents below.

Hensingham Primary School’s Curriculum

Hensingham Primary School’s Whole School Curriculum 2023/24

Hensingham Primary School’s Year Group Curriculums 2023/24

Hensingham Primary School Early Years Curriculum 2023/24

Curriculum Leadership at Hensingham Primary School