At Hensingham Primary School we work hard to ensure that our pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum, which is enriched at every opportunity with fun learning experiences. Our teaching staff all have Subject Leader responsibilities to ensure that each subject is taught to high standards and encapsulates the expectations of the National Curriculum and beyond. Subjects are monitored regularly and pupils are asked questions to provide information on their learning and enjoyment of different areas of the curriculum, which in turn feeds into our planning for subsequent years.

Working alongside other CET schools we have created a Yearly plan to show how learning is embedded and progressed throughout a pupil’s school life, making sure that strong foundations of understanding are built upon each year. We have introduced themed learning for KS1 and pupils have the opportunity to regularly share work and collaborate with pupils from our partner CET schools.

These links provide more details of the curriculum covered by our single and mixed aged group classes:

Hensingham Whole School Single Age Curriculum

Hensingham Mixed Year Group Curriculum