As part of Cumbria Education Trust we have worked together to create a bespoke Primary Curriculum that meets the national curriculum and built around a variety of sources inclusive of but not extensive to, White Rose Maths, Developing Experts, Discovery RE, Jigsaw and Kapow, Kidsafe and Picture News. This has enabled us at Hensingham to create a whole school overview that is knowledge rich, skill based and engaging for our pupils.
It is the school’s belief that ‘children come first’ therefore our curriculum is vibrant, stimulating, engaging and most of all we ensure that we make learning fun. From this ethos, it is our intent that pupils leave us with rich knowledge and developing skills that will enable them to succeed in the next phase of their learning.
Teachers adapt planning to ensure the learning fits the needs of the class. Learning is done through a comprehensive, thematic, creative approach with a clear focus on skill development with opportunities to revisit skills to embed and strengthen children’s knowledge.

Hensingham Whole School Single Age Curriculum