Be the kind of leader that you would follow!

At Hensingham, developing responsibility is one of our main drivers so all children have a leadership responsibility from checking their clock rooms are tidy, maintaining the playground games equipment to taking part in one of our four main school councils.  There are class representatives on each school council who are chosen by their class teachers at the beginning of the school year.

Ethos Council

Run by Mrs Kirkbride and their main focus this year is to ensure that the 9 core behaviours are implements, embedded and celebrated across the school. they choose children from each class that have demonstrated the focus core behaviour of the week in all elements of their school day.

The 9 core behaviours are promoted on our school posters identifying how they link to our school values:

Eco Council

Run by Miss Smith and their main focus this year is to research way to reduce beach waste.

Last year they achieved the Green Flag Award!

We are really proud that we have continued the theme this year and supported a local charity to plant over 400 new trees near the school grounds. We have also been spending out playtimes and lunchtimes redeveloping the school allotment area / school garden to ensure we have a place we can grow our own fruit and vegetables as well as having a quite space for children to enjoy nature.

CET Student Leadership

School Council