Hensingham Primary School is part of the Cumbria Education Trust. The Trust schools are committed to the ‘Inclusion Agenda’ Their aim is to ensure that the individual long term hopes and aspirations of the pupils and their families form the basis of a personalised next step approach to their educational experience.

Our school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities. Specialist seating and equipment is provided where necessary to ensure access throughout the building and school services. Children may have Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) throughout or at any time during their school career. We strive to ensure that curriculum planning and assessment take account of the type and extent of the difficulty experienced by the pupil. All staff aim to plan for a pupil’s Special Educational Needs and/or Disability, enabling them to participate effectively in all curriculum, assessment, extra-curricular activities and the broader aspect of school life as far as is reasonably possible.

SENCO: Amber Walsh
Assistant to SENCO and Educational Welfare Officer: Sarah Dowell
Mrs Sue Newstead is the Director of Learning Provision for Cumbria Education Trust

The Local Offer is a directory of all of the services available within Cumbria. To access this please click here.
The website for the Cumbria SEND Improvement website is available here. Click Here

How do we identify Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)?

  • The classroom teacher tracks progress.
  • Concerns are initially addressed with the Assistant to SENCO, Sarah Dowell, by contacting school or emailing the SEND email on sendco@hensingham.cumbria.sch.uk and a meeting may be called to discuss their concerns and findings.
  • Additional support or intervention may be put in place and/ or scaffolding and differentiation will be identified on teacher plans.
  • If problems persist, a SEND Early Help Assessment (EHA) will be completed with parents and carers and shared with your consent.
  • An additional ‘Academic Adventure Plan (AAP)’ will be completed with your help and learning targets will be identified and measured for success.
  • The School SENCO will monitor these additional measures alongside the school’s monitoring of progress and will refer for external support or advice as appropriate.
  • We will endeavour to ensure that your views and the views of the child are captured throughout this process.

Please contact the school immediately if you have any concerns with the additional measures in place.

How do we communicate with parents and carers?
There are many ways in which we collect views and monitor progress including:

  • Discussions at the school gates
  • Arranged progress meetings
  • Parent Evenings

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress in school, please contact their class teacher in the first instance.

How do you share your concerns?

The School asks that you contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance; however, if you feel this is inappropriate or not possible, please ask the school receptionist to arrange an appointment with the Assistant to SENCO in school, Sarah Dowell.  In some cases, it can also be beneficial to request an appointment with Ms A Walsh (SENCO) or Mrs S Newstead (Director of Learning Provision, CET) present.

Our Health and Wellbeing Team

You can find more information about the Local Authority Offer on their website: http://localoffer.cumbria.gov.uk/kb5/cumbria/fsd/home.page