Our school values are interwoven into everything we do day in day out at Hensingham Primary School.

Respect- we always respect our school community, building, people in Hensingham and people around the word.

Responsibility- we know the importance of our role in Hensingham. We know that we are responsible for our behaviour, our actions and the way we make people feel.

Resilience- we bounce back from challenges or difficulties at Hensingham. We know that we might sometimes face a bit of a tricky time, but just as importantly, we know to be brave, courageous, learn from mistakes and become stronger people because of this.


Due to our values and the way we follow them, we are an inclusive school who celebrates the diversity of all members of our school family, local community and World. We strive to be positive citizens who can make a difference in today’s Modern Britain.

We wanted to improve the breadth of inclusivity and diversity of the books we have in our school library and in classrooms. Reading is such a vital part of our education- arguably the most important part! In Hensingham, we are all unique, different and special. We all deserve to see ourselves represented in books that we read. We deserve to learn about different families, different religions and cultures for example. These experiences will broaden our knowledge of the World and prepare us to put our school values as well as British Values in practice at all times.

We have created the HENSINGHAM MIRRORS AND WINDOWS collection of books that celebrate diversity.

MIRRORS We hope that all of our children are able to see themselves in some books at school.

WINDOWS We hope that all of our children are able to look out into the world and learn about as well as celebrate diversity.

Our collection of books will be updated yearly. Take a look below to see the range of books for each Key Stage.

Our children are loving reading the Mirrors and Windows books!

Take a look at the feedback we have been given so far. 

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