At Hensingham, we value the importance of coming together as a school family in our assemblies each week.  

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Behaviour Assembly Focused Assemblies Picture News KidSafe Celebration Assembly


Behaviour Assembly Behaviour Assemblies are led by Mrs Kirkbride, our Behaviour Leader. We focus on a core behaviour each week, look at what this looks like in practice and celebrate excellent behaviour across school.

Tuesday Assemblies– Tuesday assemblies focus on different topics each week. We focus on many different topics and use a Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural calendar to map out some focus assemblies. Some topics that we have coming up in our Tuesday assemblies are: sign language, safeguarding, deaf awareness week and World Day for Cultural diversity.

Picture News On Wednesdays, we remain in our classes to take a close look at Picture News. Picture News looks at what is currently happening in the world. It links closely to British Values and explores the Protected Characteristics.

KidSafe On Thursdays, we hold class assemblies. The focus this half term is KidSafe. In KidSafe, we look at how we can keep ourselves safe. KidSafe covers a range of topics such as: bullying, feelings and age restrictions.

Celebration Assemblies- On Fridays, we celebrate our successes throughout the week. Celebration Assemblies celebrate lots of positives throughout school such as:

  • Values Award children are voted by the Ethos Group for modelling the week’s core values in action.
  • Star of The Week children are voted by their class teacher for showing some great learning.
  • Golden Jumper children are chosen for Golden Jumpers based upon their attitude, behaviour and learning.
  • Strive For Five each week we choose winners for the strive for five awards for home reading.
  • Team Points we take a look at the team points for each week.