Welcome to the year 6 class page, the class where children be the best version of themselves.

As a class, we are beginning the final phase of that journey.  A journey which will be fun, challenging and provide an apex of special memories for the rest of their lives. Our exciting curriculum will allow the children to take full ownership of their learning. This independence will provide the children with the perfect stepping stone to secondary school life, helping them to build their resilience and learn responsibilities.

This Summer term in Geography we will be looking at Slums; what a slum is, where they are in the world and what makes somewhere a slum. Children will be researching, exploring and using some art skills throughout. Through History, we are looking at Civil Rights in the 1950s in the USA – we will be investigating the key people involved, using some drama and comparing the rights then to now. In art, we will be exploring art by Hans Holbein, who is a German artist – famous for painting a portrait of King Henry VIII. We will be looking at techniques he used and the style of his art- finishing by creating and evaluating our own. Our Science topics are Inheritance and Evolution, and All Living Things – we will explore how humans have adapted and looking at Darwins theory of evolution. We will also be looking at how living things are classified, including micro-organisms. We will then be creating our own ‘curious creatures’ to classify! We will be focusing on well-being, ensuring that we know how to deal with our emotions, how to help others and deal with big changes in our lives.

This will be a fun-filled, exciting term with lots of new things to be learned!

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Halloween Disco

This week our children enjoyed a wonderful evening of dancing at the Friends of Hensingham Halloween Disco. A huge thank you to everyone who organised and attended the event 🙂 Visit our Friends of Hensingham Facebook page to find out more! https://www.facebook.com/FriendsofHensingham   V

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